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1. Voluntary involvement – nobody can be forced to engage in volunteer work.

Volunteer activities are carried out upon the person’s own initiative.


2. Gratuitousness – volunteer work is unpaid and is not an alternative to paid employment.


3. Respect – the volunteer respects the dignity, personality and cultural peculiarities of all people.


4. Responsibility – the volunteer is responsible for their work, its quality and compliance with deadlines.


5. Self-improvement – the volunteer is always open to acquiring new knowledge and skills.


6. Healthy lifestyle – In everyday life, they also trie to respect this principle.


7. Morality – the volunteer observes moral and ethical principles.


8. Equality – the volunteer recognises equal opportunities for each person to participate in volunteer activities.


1. The volunteer has the right to choose the activity in which they are competent and which they consider the most interesting for them.


2. The volunteer has the right to receive the information about ongoing and upcoming events in a timely manner.


3. The volunteer has the right to make propositions regarding the work of the event participants.


4. The volunteer may refuse to participate in all activities or a particular event, or perform certain types of work, by notifying the organisers, responsible for the work of the Volunteer, in advance. Regular participation in activities is encouraged.


5. The volunteer has the right to respectful and friendly attitude of other event participants to themselves.


1. The volunteer has no right to conduct political and/or religious propaganda at the events in which they participate.


2. The volunteer undertakes to treat other participants of the event with respect, including the staff of institutions (organisations) they cooperate with, as well as other volunteers.


3. The volunteer has no right to hinder preparation or staging of the event.


4. The volunteer undertakes to comply with dress code set for the event.


5. The volunteer undertakes to coordinate all their activities performed as part of event realisation with the manager responsible for the event.


6. The volunteer has no right to discuss and condemn the activities of the manager and/or organisers of the event in public. All arising problems are to be discussed privately with the manager and/or the event organisers.


7. The volunteer has no right to disclose confidential information that became known to them during the preparation and staging of the event.


8. The volunteer undertakes to provide a report on their activities to the manager.


9. The volunteer undertakes to obey the orders of the manager and the organisers of the event.


10. The volunteer shall observe safety regulations.


11. If the volunteer cannot carry out the planned work, they undertake to notify the managers/organisers of the event in advance (as soon as possible!).

Join the team of organizers and get incredible impressions, vivid emotions, unique networking opportunitiesa as well as experience in organizing a major sporting event.
In order to join the ranks of volunteers, you need to apply for it in the form below. The age of volunteers is 18+.

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