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Lake Baikal Facts

* Lake Baikal is the oldest lake in the world, being about 25-35 million years old


* Lake Baikal is the deepest lake on earth, at 1637 meters


* Lake Baikal holds 20% of all freshwater supplies on the planet


* Lake Baikal boasts the purest fresh water on the planet


* Lake Baikal’s water is the most transparent of all freshwater lakes


* The flora and fauna of Lake Baikal is incredibly diverse: out of 3500 species 2/3 are endemic - you will not find them anywhere else in the world


* The Baikal is on UNESCO World Heritage list (since 1996)

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Baikal ENERGY Marathon Details

* Organizers and copyrights: Corporation for Tourism Development of the Baikal Region, Baikal Strategy Group LLC


* Official supporters of the Baikal Energy Marathon:

- Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation

- Ministry of Sport of the Irkutsk Region

- «Southern Baikal» Federal Highways Department for the Federal Road Agency

- Administration of Slyudyansky District

- Administration of Baikalsk city


* Baikal Energy Marathon route runs along the southern coast of the Great Lake

* The Lake’s unforgettable views during the run will fill the runners with Baikal energy


* The race route has a high-quality asphalt coverage


* Distances 2018: Marathon (42,195 km), 10 km


* Official website:


* Founded: 2016


* Age limit: 18+


* Limit of number of participants: 1000


* Registration: we provide packages with guaranteed entries. The participant must submit a medical certificate of admission for run.

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